Want to Get Promoted? Try These Strategies

Getting noticed by top decision makers within your company is often the biggest challenge when it comes to earning a promotion. Performing at a high level will help you gain some attention, but it’s not always enough to seal the deal. Here are a few strategies for getting noticed we’ve been discussing around the Golden Events Group office:

• Forge Key Alliances: Having a strong network is always important when it comes to career advancement, but it’s essential to have allies in high places. Volunteering for big projects is one good way to foster the types of management alliances you’ll need to advance. You also might be surprised how open top decision makers are to hearing your ideas.

• Recognize Others’ Achievements: Bringing a positive mind-set to your work is also important in attracting attention from those who give promotions. We’ve found that celebrating the achievements of our Golden Events Group colleagues is an effective way to show our inspiring leadership potential.

• Speak at Industry Events: Presenting on behalf of your company is a surefire way to get noticed by high-level decision makers. This is another good way to show how well-equipped you are for a leadership role. You have the chance to share your expertise in an authoritative manner every time you take the stage.

These methods have helped us prime ourselves for regular advancement. Check out the Golden Events Group Facebookfor more of our best promotion-clinching tips.