During Golden Events Group meetings, we often consider the attributes of the world’s most successful people. One of the traits that we recognize time and time again is self-discipline. We decided to look into this characteristic more deeply, and we’ve found that these are the best ways to increase our own willpower:

• Focus on Your Passions: When we’re engaged in projects or pastimes that we love, we don’t have to exert any effort to stay on task. It’s impractical to think that everyone should always love everything they do all the time, but we can schedule our time to do more of what we enjoy, and power through the rest.

• Get Rid of Distractions: Every time we put effort into resisting a distraction, we’ve used up a precious bit of willpower. Rather than fight against temptation, it’s best to eliminate it altogether. For example, when we’re in the middle of a Golden Events Group project, we’ll turn off social media notifications and schedule specific times for answering emails and phone calls.

• Dive In: We’re all for preparation, but once the plan is made we don’t waste any time getting started. Action is the ultimate remedy for procrastination and indecision, both of which will rob a person of his or her resolve.

Save your willpower for when it’s needed by putting these self-discipline habits into place.

We set people up for career success at every stage.


“Thank you for the welcoming to your office. I’ve learned a lot from the time I was here. Loved everything that this office has and how it’s run. The office is great and has great people.”

— Miranda

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— Sarah

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