Reflecting on Another Successful Year

It’s the end of another great year, and Team Golden Events Group has plenty for which to be grateful. Kaitlin, our firm’s Director of Operations, put it well when she said, “I’m thankful for our outstanding team and the efforts they put in daily, our amazing customers that keep us open for business, and the brands we represent for continuing to work with us and allow us to help them expand!”

That’s a perfect summary to what has been a year of personal and professional growth for everyone on the team, but as 2018 winds down, we’ll be getting a lot more specific with our Golden Events Group reflections. We know the value in reviewing what happened in the past 12 months, making sure that credit for our successes is given where it’s due, and that we learn any lessons we can to ensure we reach even greater heights in 2019.

One of the best techniques we have for this is to create a quick video recap to pull together and highlight all the successes of 2018. This is an effective and fun way to present info that might otherwise come across as a bit data-heavy, and it allows team members to bring some unique talents to bear. We use animations, soundbites, and music to make the stats we present exciting, and the finished product becomes a useful tool for internal and external presentations in the future.

In learning from the past, we set ourselves up for our brightest tomorrow. Visit our Golden Events Group Newswire feed to find out what goals we’ve set for the new year.