Our Most Recent Team-Strengthening Event

The positive team atmosphere we’ve cultivated is one of our strongest Golden Events Group competitive advantages. Group outings fortify our culture, with our latest being a karaoke night that included everyone’s friends and family members. Kaitlin, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that showing appreciation for our brand experts’ hard work is one of the best ways to build stronger bonds.

When it comes to planning our team outings, we gather as much input as possible from our people. We want everyone to be engaged in the process and enjoy the activity, so it’s important that all voices get a chance to be heard. Our communication skills get sharpened as we exchange ideas for group activities. When we return to the office after one of our team events, we’re better equipped to collaborate on innovative event-based promotions.

Along with our many team nights, recognition efforts also help to enhance morale throughout the Golden Events Group office. We reward our brand experts for outstanding performance in a variety of ways. Whether it’s a travel event or just a few words of praise in front of the entire team, each recognition effort inspires everyone to keep pushing toward our most ambitious goals.

We share regular updates on our group outings through Golden Events Group’s Newswire feed. Stay tuned to get more details on our team-building approach and events.