There’s usually some amount of anxiety that comes with giving a speech in front of an audience of any size. When we represent Golden Events Group at the podium, we use the following techniques to overcome any shred of fear and speak with confidence.

When it comes to preparing our remarks, we use a simple strategy to clarify our message as much as possible. We think about what we would say to our audience if we only had one sentence to communicate our entire message. From there, it’s easier to create an outline that reflects the major point we want our listeners to take away from the presentation.

Practice is the next crucial step in overcoming any anxiety related to giving a big speech. We rehearse our remarks out loud, on video, and with Golden Events Group colleagues acting as stand-ins for audience members. By using all these methods, we arrive at a place where we can be confident in our vocal delivery and body language.

Richard Branson’s speaking advice has helped up improve as presenters. His approach to public speaking is to pretend he’s talking with friends in his living room. This gives him the feeling of being in control, which helps him be more comfortable in the moment. We’ve also found this to be effective in managing our nervous energy when we’re in front of a crowd.

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“Thank you for the welcoming to your office. I’ve learned a lot from the time I was here. Loved everything that this office has and how it’s run. The office is great and has great people.”

— Miranda

“Just want to say thank you so much for all your time to invest and impact to our people. You are an awesome owner and partner!”

— Sarah

“Thank you for having us this rotation. Being in yall’s office has taught me a lot and I cannot wait to apply all that I’ve learned. If there are any more opportunities to come to visit in the future I will take it.”

— Thomas