Out of all the incentives we have to perform at our best around Golden Events Group HQ, our Christmas Bonus Challenge is one of the most inspiring. Kaitlin, our Director of Operations, explained that team members who show leadership, have consistent sales, and attend business meetings and training sessions can earn tickets to win amazing prizes. This is something we look forward to all year long, and the 2018 edition is finally here!

Prizes include gift cards, TVs, shopping sprees, and even cold, hard cash. Kaitlin added that this is a fun way to celebrate the holiday season and boost team morale. It’s also an ideal chance to show appreciation for our brand experts’ hard work throughout the year. Whoever wins the big prizes, we’re sure to come back to the office in January with renewed motivation to excel.

The Christmas Bonus Challenge is just one of the many ways we recognize our outstanding Golden Events Group performers. Our team members can earn travel incentives throughout the year, including educational trips and exotic retreats. We also have low-key approaches to say thanks, such as sharing verbal praise in front of the entire team. Sometimes small gestures have huge impacts when it comes to motivation.

Stay tuned to the Golden Events Group Newswire for updates on the Bonus Challenge. We’ll also be sharing news on our 2019 expansion plans.

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“Thank you for the welcoming to your office. I’ve learned a lot from the time I was here. Loved everything that this office has and how it’s run. The office is great and has great people.”

— Miranda

“Just want to say thank you so much for all your time to invest and impact to our people. You are an awesome owner and partner!”

— Sarah

“Thank you for having us this rotation. Being in yall’s office has taught me a lot and I cannot wait to apply all that I’ve learned. If there are any more opportunities to come to visit in the future I will take it.”

— Thomas