An inspiring team atmosphere has set the pace for Golden Events Group’s success. We enjoy all types of team activities that boost morale and improve our collaboration. There’s always a fun get-together just around the corner for us.

Kaitlin, our company’s Director of Operations, stated, “Our culture is all about team nights, which involve everything from sand volleyball to our book club. We’ve also enjoyed each other’s company at Top Golf, bowling nights, roller blading, holiday parties, and ice skating. These activities help us build stronger personal bonds, which fuel greater productivity around the office.”

Having the chance to show our competitive sides also builds camaraderie. “We sneak in some bonuses and weekly competitions to keep things fun around the Golden Events Group office. There might be anything from an exotic retreat to a lunch outing attached to these contests. Whatever’s at stake, we learn more about each other through our good-natured competitions.”

Office contests and team-building outings also inspire us to perform at our best. We all want to earn incentives, after all, but we also motivate each other every time we compete for something. It’s rewarding to know that we’re lifting the entire team’s performance when we challenge ourselves to push beyond our current skill sets.

Our team events provide all types of benefits for our company as a whole.

We set people up for career success at every stage.


“Thank you for the welcoming to your office. I’ve learned a lot from the time I was here. Loved everything that this office has and how it’s run. The office is great and has great people.”

— Miranda

“Just want to say thank you so much for all your time to invest and impact to our people. You are an awesome owner and partner!”

— Sarah

“Thank you for having us this rotation. Being in yall’s office has taught me a lot and I cannot wait to apply all that I’ve learned. If there are any more opportunities to come to visit in the future I will take it.”

— Thomas