How Giving Back Builds Team Culture

We’ve made giving to good causes in the community a core element of the Golden Events Group culture. Through our philanthropic efforts, we’ve learned that the benefits of giving extend far beyond positive PR. Here are a few important ways supporting worthy causes builds a stronger team:

• Bolsters Engagement: People want to know they work for companies that share their core values. When we give back, we show everyone on Team Golden Events Group that we’re committed to living out the guiding principles that inform our mission. The rewarding feeling that emerges from aligning our efforts with our values is difficult to attain any other way.

• Creates Sense of Purpose: Our people feel more motivated to tackle new challenges in the aftermath of a giveback event. Helping those in need creates a unique type of confidence boost because it instills a greater sense of purpose in our own lives. Our teamwork around the Golden Events Group office reflects this fact.

• Improves Team Relations: Along with more effective collaboration, we also treat each other with more respect when we give back on a regular basis. We come to appreciate each other’s unique talents, which leads to a stronger sense of camaraderie that benefits the brands we represent as well.

These are just a few of the psychological rewards we’ve gained through our giving efforts. Like us on Facebook to find more of our thoughts on the value of social awareness.