Our Commitment to Extensive Training

We give our team members plenty of opportunities to advance their professional development. Kaitlin, our Golden Events Group Director of Operations, puts a huge focus on providing a solid training program for all her team members. Recently, team member Todd took advantage of the chance to travel to Minnesota for a week of personalized training in a new territory.

Todd was chosen for this trip because he’s one of our newer leaders in whom upper management sees a lot of potential. Kaitlin explained, “The chance to visit another successful office and gain fresh insights into how things can get done brings invaluable rewards. Todd returned to the Golden Events Group office with an array of new ideas to implement into his own projects and career growth. He’s also been able to teach new skills and concepts to his colleagues, so the trip really benefitted everyone on our team.”

We also give new hires in-depth training to set them up for lasting success. Our Director explained, “Incoming team members take part in hands-on training that immerses them in our model. They participate in every aspect of our processes, from meeting with company leaders to creating messages and launching products. What makes this approach work so well for us is our collection of experienced coaches. They provide guidance and support to ensure that everyone gets the experience needed to build on their unique strengths.”

Our training methods prepare people to flourish in our industry. Check out the Golden Events Group [Newswire] to receive updates on our developmental efforts.