Coming Together to Support a Great Cause

“Everyone on Team Golden Events Group is passionate about giving back to our community,” stated Kaitlin, our firm’s Director of Operations. “We recently had the opportunity to host a field day in honor of the SPCA of Dallas. It was great to come together as a team to help care for neglected and abused animals in our area. We built stronger bonds and made a positive impact on our community in the process.”

The rewarding feeling that comes with contributing to good causes is more than enough to inspire further giving. However, Kaitlin understands that there are many positive outcomes that emerge from team giveback events. She stated, “One of the key benefits of supporting good causes is the fact that our brand experts get to know each other better on a personal level. They discover shared interests and hidden talents, all of which fuel camaraderie around the Golden Events Group office.”

Giving back to local nonprofits also allows us to forge meaningful connections with influential people in our community. From business leaders to local movers and shakers, we come back to work with an array of new contacts who can help us achieve our biggest goals. Unexpected partnerships sometimes result from our team giving pursuits.

We’re honored to support worthy causes such as the SPCA of Dallas. Follow Golden Events Group on LinkedIn for updates on our giveback events.