A Career Destination for Business-Minded Professionals

Growth is on the horizon for Golden Events Group, and there’s never been a better time to consider joining our team. Demand for our on-site marketing campaigns continues to expand, and as it does, more opportunities for advancement are created.

Our Golden Events Group momentum is what makes our careers so energizing. The fuel that drives us is our holistic approach to training and development. We go beyond job skills and share strategies that prepare people for whatever goals they set for themselves.

We take every team member and ensure that they are equipped for success through workshops, one-to-one coaching, and even weekend seminars. These activities, combined with the hands-on, immersive approach we use to bring new team members up to speed, keep us excited for what we’ll achieve next.

Along with continual learning we’ve also built an office atmosphere that inspires unity. Frequent team nights and the occasional travel opportunity give us chances to connect with one another outside the office and our company roles. Genuine friendships are created this way, leading to improved communication and morale at the workplace.

We are encouraging, motivating, and supportive – three qualities that we feel give us a competitive edge in the marketplace. If this sounds like the type of office atmosphere in which you could achieve your potential, submit your résumé on our Careers page. Or, find out more about our learning system and culture by liking Golden Events Group on Facebook.