Our Best Public Speaking Tips

We know the value of public speaking skills around the Golden Events Group office. Whether we’re giving presentations, meeting with brand representatives, or adding to our networks, it’s essential that we deliver clear and impactful messages. Here are a few things we keep in mind as we hone our speaking abilities:

• Our Audience’s Needs: We have to know what information will be most useful to our listeners, no matter the context. In working with a potential contact, this means having a strong grasp of their needs and the information they might deem essential. The same practice applies when we are presenting at conferences and other events.

• The Value of Being Concise: During our Golden Events Group speeches, we do our best to back up each important point with relevant data. This is one of the best ways to ensure that we flow smoothly from one key element to the next without losing momentum. By supporting the general picture we’re painting with examples, we keep our listeners engaged as well.

• Body Language: We know how important nonverbal communication is, both when we’re speaking to large audiences and potential contacts in more intimate settings. In either case, we stand tall and straight while using our hands to emphasize key points.

These simple strategies allow us to present confidently before audiences of all sizes. Like Golden Events Group on Facebook to receive more of our best speaking tips.