Whether you’re delivering your message to two people or an audience of 200, presentation skills are vital to success. That’s why public speaking receives ample attention in the Golden Events Group training program. We learn these valuable lessons:
• It’s About the Audience: Reminding ourselves that presenting is more about the listeners than about the speakers helps us minimize our nervousness. According to innovation expert Scott Osman, “…It’s about the audience who is attending hoping to hear something meaningful to them. They want the speaker to succeed. By shifting focus from yourself to your audience, you can gain the energy of their optimism, openness and release your fears.”
• Stage Personas Help: A common technique in show business is to develop a persona. Doing so helps when presenting as well. When we’re representing Golden Events Group in front of a crowd, we think of ourselves as charismatic superstars who thrive in the limelight. Embracing our alter egos helps us give well-rehearsed speeches with confidence.

• Narrative Creates Impact: The human brain is wired to retain stories, which is why narrative is far more effective than mere facts and figures. We enclose our main points in anecdotes that resonate with people long after we conclude our talks.

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