About Us

The Vision That Inspires Us at Golden Events Group, Inc.

Golden Events Group, Inc. is the region’s leading sales and marketing firm, delivering high impact to Fortune 500 companies and local startups alike. Our talented team members harness their creativity and technical genius to plan, launch, and run our marketing efforts. We’re on standby to join forces with brands to drive results and revenue.

Golden Events Group, Inc.’s Office Culture

At Golden Events Group, Inc., we believe that success comes with gathering the right group of individuals. For this reason, we highly value and guide every member of our team. We’re lucky to work with such driven and focused people who are passionate about what they do and as a result, excel in our challenging industry. Our advertising experts lift our firm to the greatest levels of success as we evolve along with the marketplace.

Supreme Standards at Golden Events Group, Inc.

Our professionals at Golden Events Group, Inc. are dedicated to helping brands gain inroads to new markets. This is the foundation of our work, and our guiding principles allow us to do exactly that. These values push our firm toward the future, and set us far ahead of our competition.

  • Passion
  • Teamwork
  • Excitement
  • Professionalism

Company Perks

Our team members devote themselves to their work, so we believe they should be rewarded accordingly. As such, we provide them with a workspace that meets a variety of needs. For example, the Golden Events Group, Inc. office includes spaces for both solitude and collaboration. Additionally, we facilitate team travel and host fun social events.